Tap Don't Rub!! How You Should Be Applying Your Skincare Products.

Tap Don't Rub!! How You Should Be Applying Your Skincare Products.

You might have not given much thought to how skincare should or should not be applied and even though you might have heard somewhere that rubbing your face vigorously during application isn't the best idea, there's a good chance you do it anyways. Use our tips below to learn why and how you really should be applying your beauty products.

Eye Cream: The skin around the eyes is the most delicate and thinnest skin on the face and because of this, it will be the first place to show signs of aging in most people. You NEVER want to rub the eye area. Whenever applying eye cream always TAP lightly. And the best finger on your hand to complete this mission would be your ring finger because it is the weakest finger on the hand. PRO TIP: When removing eye makeup use an oil based cleanser. Not only will the oils hydrate the gentle skin around the eyes but will help remove stubborn eye make up much easier and without all the rubbing you would normally do with makeup wipes.

Cleanser: I can promise you that rubbing cleanser on vigoursly doesn't clean the face of dirt and makeup better. In reality all of that pulling will cause a loss of elasticity which will promote saggy and wrinkly skin. Take it easy when using a cleanser, enjoy the ritual of it!! We love Petal Powder because it allows the user to deep cleanse skin while exfoliating dead skin cells and debris gently and you don't have to put much pressure on the face at all to get squeaky clean skin.Use very light circular motions that keeps the pressure off but yet at the same time helps promote healthy blood flow.

Serum: Right after cleansing, leave skin lightly damp. Apply serum to damp skin by lightly tapping the product in. The skin is roughly 10x more permeable when damp than it is dry. Not only will this method help save product because you won't need as much but the need to put more pressure on the skin won't be necessary.

Moisturizer: After serum application, lightly spread moisturizer on in circular motions. When I say lightly, I mean lightly. Fight off the urge to rub it in, even if you are in a hurry!! If a serum is not used in your beauty routine then apply moisturizer on after cleansing on slightly damp skin. Again, the skin is 10x more permeable on damp skin.

Beauty Oil: Can't avoid watching videos on social media these days of women who are directly dripping oil from the dropper onto their face and following with a good rub down of the product. Don't apply this way!!! Not only is too much product being used but again, that rubbing!!! Instead, apply on damp skin either after cleansing or after a couple of sprays of facial mist. Rub a few drops of beauty oil onto palms, rub palms gently together than pat onto the face. You can even gently glide the oil in delicate, circular motions to help with blood circulation.

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