Why does clean matter and what does "clean" even mean?

With so many lotions and potions out there, many of them have numerous ingredients in them that are known to cause toxicity to the organs and cause inflammation from within that is completely counterproductive to what the product is meant to do in the first place. If you are buying a night cream (for example) that contains some pretty beneficial, skin restoring ingredients but also has ingredients found to be toxic to the body, that cream will cause more harm than good in the long run.

At MAXDAHLIA, we keep our formulations clean (NON-TOXIC) so that the skin benefits the way it should from a product!! If you aren't familiar with the EWG (Environmental Working Group) Database, we highly recommend that you check it out!! It is a very useful tool for consumers to research products and ingredients to help educate them on what they are putting on their bodies everyday.

We challenge you to do a toxic check on your skincare products or any ingredient you might be curious of. You can go straight to their database by clicking here.

We want your skin to be at its optimal health because we know how good it feels to have healthy, radiant skin. Please feel free to share below what clean changes you have made recently. We salute you on your clean lifestyle journey. Your skin and your body will thank you.

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