CEO/FOUNDER: Meisha Kingdon


​In 2018, I founded MAXDAHLIA to offer something new to the skincare industry, CLEAN skincare made FRESH and delivered at its maximum potency. After a decade of studying aging, skincare ingredients, cosmetic chemistry and the skincare industry, I knew why the countless brands I used haven't helped me on my skincare journey. I was inspired to develop my own products using a method I created to insure quality products that boost skin health and radiance and deliver results.

Made in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, MAXDAHLIA’s manufacturing guidelines are based on providing products of the highest quality while offering the freshest skincare on the market so the top-notch ingredients in every formulation work faster and are highly effective in delivering results.

MAXDAHLIA offers a healthy, effective solution to common skin problems that are safe for the body and planet. Skincare that you can trust that is never tested on animals and designed to restore the skin to its optimum health and vitality. Healthy skin is youthful, radiant skin. MAXDAHLIA skin care is Clean Beauty Made Fresh. 


Our Innovation

Innovation for us means looking at a formula from all angles to provide only the best. We are committed to exceeding industry standards by stepping outside of the norm and providing FRESH skincare with the full potency of our ingredients.

Our Purpose

We are driven by the ideology to end our customer's skincare search by providing them with pro health formulas that transform skin health and solve common skin concerns. 



Most skincare is sold MONTHS after it has been produced resulting in oxidized ingredients. Ours is delivered at the height of its potency so your skin get the MAX benefit.


Clean ingredients are the future of skincare. We strive to provide products HEALTHY for you and healthy for our planet