FACIAL GUA SHA: Health & Wellness

FACIAL GUA SHA: Health & Wellness

1-Improves circulation .

Facial Gua Sha helps improve lymphatic circulation, it also improves the quality of blood circulation and qi circulation. Qi in Chinese Medicine is referred to as the "vital energy" inside our bodies. Everything is based on qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, according to Dr. Greg Sperber, a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine. “Blockages of qi, deficiencies of qi, [and] too much qi are what cause illness. What we do with acupuncture, herbs, and all of Chinese medicine is we try to line up qi.”

2-Improves Product Absorption . Gua Sha can be used with your favorite moisturizer, preferably a facial oil (HydroFlora is a match made in heaven paired with gua sha), and it’s also a very effective way to help products absorbed deeply.

3- Releases and relaxes tension.

Facial Gua Sha is a very effective tool for relaxing tension in the face and neck. Not only does it feel amazing, it helps soften tension from “poor face posture” (brought on by active facial muscles constantly forming a “worried” or “strained” face). Gua Sha is used to bring back a “relaxed” face, which in turn looks more refreshed and youthful.

4- Helps with contouring and defining facial features.

Gua sha facial helps lift and contour the face by working it out and training the facial muscle. It also helps break up adhesions in the fascia (the connective tissue in between the muscle and the skin). Essentially what you are doing is training the muscle and de-puffing which overtime leads to a more lifted, sculpted and contoured face.

5- Helps depuff puffy eyes

Often times puffy eyes are simply a result of fluid retention underneath the thin skin under your eyes. Gua sha helps move this fluid along, de-puffing the eyes for a more rested look.

6–Fine lines and wrinkle

Rather than freezing fine lines and numbing facial muscles like with Botox, Gua Sha forms new pathways of blood flow and nutrients to soften signs of aging and support youthful skin over time.

5. Be gentle with your under-eyes. Because the under-eye area is the most sensitive spot, it’s important to apply super-light pressure, gliding the gua sha tool from the inner corner of the eye to the temple. Repeat three to five times on each side, then repeat these steps in the same manner across your brow bone. Once you reach your forehead, sweep in an upwards motion from the eyebrows to the hairline. Repeat three to five times on each side giving a little wiggle at the end of each swipe.

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