How Skin Ages: What You Can Do To Slow Down The Process

How Skin Ages: What You Can Do To Slow Down The Process


In the fight against time, people need to arm against two independent processes that accelerate skin aging: chronological or intrinsic, and environmental or extrinsic aging. Intrinsic (internal/chronological) aging signs usually start appearing around 30 years when the cell renewal work slows down and hormone production undergoes changes that reflect directly on the skin. Extrinsic (external) aging is the result of exposure to external elements, like UV radiation, pollution, exposure to certain chemicals, that affect the rate of normal skin aging through the formation of free radicals, which attack the skin's structure destroying the collagen and elastin fibers, impairing hydration, with consequences such as: dyschromias, changes in skin relief and wrinkles. Collagen and elastin fibers essentially keep the skin structure lifted and intact so when they are damaged, they begin to sag and pull downward causing wrinkles and sagging skin.

The biggest extrinsic culprit of skin aging is UV exposure and pollution. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information “Photo-aging is primarily responsible for skin aging. UVA and UVB radiation interact with intracellular chromophores and photosensitizing agents, generating oxidative stress and transient genetic alterations.” Here is a visual representation of UV damage. The New England Journal of Medicine published this portrait of a 69-year-old truck driver, which due to the nature of his job, meant that only one side of his face was consistently exposed to the sun. The difference is dramatic, and it shows just how strong the impact of UV damage really is.

Another case study shows identical twins, age 61 when these photos were taken. The twin on the left looks dramatically younger than the twin on the right that lives in Florida and loves spending time in the sun. Not only does she have far more darks spots and hyperpigmentation than her twin on the left but she also has significantly more wrinkles and sagging skin.


Good news is you CAN arm yourself against free radical damage through prevention and protection by limiting exposure and supplementing the skin and body with nutritious antioxidants. When designing FLORA-C, we combined the most powerful antioxidants proven effective through scientific studies. The antioxidants we chose to have in our formula, specifically work synergistically together and super charge one another’s potency to help over power and neutralize free radicals, ultimately reducing the damage they would have caused. To double down on the free radical battle, we created CELL ACTIVE Ferulic C+E Serum. You can learn more about Cell Active by clicking on the link.

You can’t stop aging from happening but you definitely can dramatically slow the process down by understanding the process and taking measures to counteract the usual causes. Reducing sun exposure, wearing protective SFP daily (all year round), using skincare with potent antioxidants, eating a high vitamin diet, exercise, staying hydrated and getting the recommended amount of sleep will all keep you looking and feeling youthful for decades longer, maybe even your lifetime.

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