Dry Lips No More

Dry Lips No More

Hello gorgeous people!! The weather is get cooler (in most places at least) and I am sure we have all probably noticed by now our skin and our lips might be feeling a bit more drier than usual. The colder the climate you live in, the more you will be affected by this. BUT, I can promise you that there is always a solution to a problem and nothing you really can't get past. I will be sharing with you some tips on how to keep your pout plump and moist during the cooler seasons because it doesn't look cute nor feel good when they are cracked and peeling.

Years back when my son was a baby, I had come across the most brilliant solution to solving my dry lip issue. I had an a-ha moment one day as I was nursing my son. Every women who has ever nursed their baby probably owned a nipple cream at one point. I realized that the skin on my lips and nipples are one of the same. So of course I used my #lansinoh nipple cream and was absolutely amazed by how instantly good my poor cracked lips felt. After about 2 days of use, my lips were healed. I am not telling you to go out an buy the same ointment as I used but to get this effect, be sure to read the label and make sure it contains lanolin. Lanolin is the main ingredient that had caused my lips to heal. Just be careful and not get it on the skin of your face because it is a pore clogging ingredient for those that are acne prone.

Other things you can do is use a gentle lip scrub at night before bed and apply your "lanolin" product on top and you will be amazed in the morning how good your lips look and feel. I would also like to advise, for the sake of your skin and lips, to keep the temperature in your home no greater than 70 degrees Fahrenheit and of course, DRINK WATER!! With these tips that I give you, you can beat the dreaded ailments that constant hot and cold have on your lips. Be sure and check out our day and night formulas FLORA-C and FLORA-A to greatly help restore and protect the rest of the skin on your face and neck.

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