Our Clean Contribution

Our Clean Contribution

You have probably noticed that our products do not come with outer packaging and although we agree, there are some attractive outer packaging out there, usually it gets thrown out as soon as the product is taken out of it. According to statistics, the average person accumulates 4 pounds of garbage each day, that is 1,400 pounds a year. As of now (1.19.19), there are 7.7 billion people living on Earth and of course growing. Just imagine all of that trash!! And even though we do think outer packaging looks fancy, it wasn't a good enough reason for us to mass produce it.

Another really important Earth friendly approach we take is using clean, non-toxic ingredients in our formulas that won't harm marine life when it gets washed off and travels down the drain. Whenever water goes down the drain, it travels through a sewer, then to a water treatment facility where it is filtered and eventually gets disposed into rivers, lakes and oceans. There are too many products that contain large amounts of toxic chemicals that end up harming marine life and eventually human life. It will always be important to us to find better ways to reduce our carbon footprint. If you have any suggestions for us, please contact us or comment below.

Stay beautiful! Stay mindful <3

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