Why Self-Care is Not Selfishness

Why Self-Care is Not Selfishness

Growing up around a mother who always put everyone first, so much so that by the end of the day, she had no time left for herself, I learned pretty early in life that something wasn't right there! Everything she did for herself, including feeding herself, was done on the quick. Stealing her own personal time and putting it towards the next chore or duty. And although my mom accomplished a lot through out the day, she was beyond stressed out and resentful like so many other women we all probably know.

Just think for a moment about all of the negative moving parts in this situation. Stress puts such a tremendous toll on both body and mind. Study after study have shown that stress causes inflammation in the body which later manifests into some sort of ailment or sickness, the big C being one of them!! What about the quick, unhealthy eating habits? Well, we also know that an unbalanced, nutrient lacking diet leads to further health issues down the road. And I think the most significant part I took out of this whole scenario was that my mother was so busy doing her part and pleasing everyone else that she at the end of the day forgot who she was because she never had the time to discover herself.

Loving ourselves leads to success and this is how. If we are taking care of ourselves by eating healthy, reducing stress through exercise and stress management, taking time out for ourselves to enjoy life, and staying true to ourselves will only makes us better, stronger and happier. It's ok to be selfless and do everything you can for your family but you have to take time out of your day for yourself! I can promise you that your body won't go on in a stress induced state for long. At some point (sooner than later), it will break down. What good will you be for your family if you aren't doing well yourself?

Things that I do in my self care ritual are:

Yoga/fitness- One of the best ways to reduce stress for me personally. It increases energy levels, increases the metabolism, keeps heart healthy and well, keeps me fit and in great shape.

Beauty Ritual- usually always at night after my shower. It is to me like a mini spa retreat.

Eating Healthy- I know my body needs certain vitamins and nutrients to work at its optimal level so I make sure to plan out healthy meals and add as many fruits and veggies into my day. I also supplement with vitamins and herbs to make sure my body gets what it needs from me.

Meditation- Starting my own business has kept me from my meditation but it is defiantly something I need to find time for again. Meditation has been the biggest tool in my fight towards anxiety and stress as well as drastically improving my focus.

What are ways you practice self-love? Feel free to share below. You might just inspire somebody else by sharing your methods! Stay beautiful and graceful my friends and don't forget to share some of that love you have with yourself. <3 #selflove #selfecare #healthylifestyle #cleanlifestyle #yoga #meditation #healthyeating #beautyritual #maxdahlia #cleanbeauty #mindandbody

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